Physics Unit 1 Quiz

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1. What is the formula for specific heat capacity?

  • Change in temperature = mass / specific heat capacity x energy
  • Energy = mass x specific heat capacity x change in temperature
  • Energy = mass / specific heat capacity / weight
  • Specific heat capacity = energy x mass x change in temperature
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2. Name the main advantage of nuclear power.

  • It is the biggest supplier of electricity in the UK.
  • It is a very safe process to produce electricity this way.
  • It does not produce greenhouse gases.
  • It is a renewable energy resource.

3. What is a U-Value?

  • A measure of how 'green' a material is.
  • A measure of the efficiency of a material.
  • A measure of heat loss.
  • A measure of how effective an insulator is.

4. When a vehicle travels towards you, what is happening?

  • The pitch is increasing: the wavelength decreases, frequency increases.
  • The pitch is increasing: the frequency decreases, the wavelength increases.
  • The pitch is decreasing: the wavelength decreases, the frequency increases.
  • The pitch is decreasing: the wavelength increases, the frequency decreases.

5. What does the amplitude of a sound wave affect?

  • The direction of travel.
  • The pitch.
  • The volume.
  • The length.


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