Physics P1 - Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves, which you have to learn for physics p1.

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1. What is the formula to calulate wve speed?

  • Wave speed=wavelength/frequency
  • Wave speed=amplitude x frequency
  • Wave speed=frequency x wavelength
  • Wave speed=amplitude x speed
  • Wave speed=wavelength/time
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2. Electromagnetic waves can be..

  • Reflected and transmitted
  • Abosrbed only
  • Absorbed and reflected
  • Absorbed, reflected or transmitted
  • Transmitted only

3. Radio waves are generally used for..

  • Communications
  • Destroying cells
  • Diagnosing broken bones
  • Carrying data
  • Cooking food

4. Amplitude is the distance from the top of the wave to the bottom.

  • False
  • True

5. All electromagnetic vaves travel at the same speed in a vacuum

  • True
  • False


:) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR


Thanks for this quiz but there were some spelling mistakes :L other than that it was good :)

Yay i got 100% on my second go!!

Miss KHP


A few spelling errors but overall easy to understand questions and answers. Relevant questions asked on electromagnetic waves! 

Useful for AQA P1 exam.

Check your answers at the end and then see what you may need to revise over

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