Physics Module 1 Quiz

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1. Roughly how many times larger is the diameter of the Milky Way than the diameter of the sun?

  • 1000 billion times bigger.
  • 500 billion times bigger.
  • 600 billion times bigger.
  • 100 billion times bigger.
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2. Roughly how many stars make up the milky way?

  • Hundreds of trillions
  • Thousand of trillions.
  • Thousands of millions.
  • Hundreds of millions.

3. What is a light year?

  • The distance of light in space.
  • The distance that light travels in a vacuum (like space) in one year.
  • The distance that light travels in one minute times 360.
  • How much light is produced in a year.

4. How are the Himalayas being formed?

  • By India crashing into the Eurasian plate.
  • Folds in the plates.
  • By plates moving away from each other.
  • A pull between two plates.

5. What is the source of the sun's energy?

  • The fusion of lithium nuclei.
  • The fusion of nitrogen nuclei.
  • The fusion of hydrogen nuclei.
  • The fusion of carbon nuclei.


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