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2. An elastic bungee rope is 300m at the start of a jump. It extends by 30m at the middle of a jump. How long is it now?

  • 270m
  • 330m
  • 30m
  • 300m
  • 660m

3. A ship wants to sail to another country. What needs to happen for it to do that?

  • There shouldn't be any upthrust or gravity.
  • There needs to be more upthrust than gravity, or the ship will sink.
  • Upthrust and gravity need to be balanced.
  • There needs to be more gravity than upthrust, or the ship won't move properly.
  • There needs to be unbalanced forces, or the ship won't work properly.

4. Someone puts a brick in a liquid. They use a Newton Meter to measure things. Upthrust makes the brick (and any other object)...

  • Float up to the surface of the liquid.
  • Create unbalanced forces, so the brick (and any other object) sinks.
  • Weigh less. Upthrust changes the weight.
  • Appear to weigh less, but it doesn't really. It's weight stays the same.
  • Balance with the forces around it.

5. How do you work out distance?

  • Average Speed
  • Average Time
  • Speed x Time
  • Speed ÷ Time
  • Time ÷ Speed


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