Physics-distance/ time and velocity/ time

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1. What is the equation for acceleration?

  • Acceleration= (final velocity- initial velocity)/ time
  • Acceleration = Time x Velocity
  • Acceleration= velocity/ time
  • Acceleration= Initial Velocity x Final Velocity
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2. On a velocity time graph, what does the gradient represent?

  • Distance
  • Acceleration
  • Time
  • Speed

3. Calculate the acceleration of an object which went from travelling at 20m/s to 100m/s in 5 seconds

  • 20 m/s/s
  • 16 m/s/s
  • 10 m/s/s
  • 12 m/s/s

4. What is the equation for Distance?

  • Distance= Power x Speed
  • Distance=Speed x Time
  • Distance= Velocity x Time
  • Distance= Time x Power

5. How do you calculate the distance traveled from a velocity/ time graph?

  • Work out the area under the line
  • Add the length of the line (s)
  • Work out the area above the line
  • Work out the gradient of the line


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