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Define Brittle
A material that breaks suddenly without plastically deforming.
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Define Ductile
A material that can be drawn into wires without losing their strength.
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Define Malleable
A material that can change shape but might lose its strength.
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Define Hard
A material that is very resistant to cutting, indentation and abrasion.
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Define Stiff
A material that has a high resistance to bending and stretching.
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Define Tough
A material that is really difficult to break.
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Define E.M.F.
The maximum voltage produced by the battery.
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Define Internal Resistance
The resistance of the battery that causes it to get hot.
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Define 'Lost Volts'
The potential difference across the battery in a circuit or across all of the components in a series circuit.
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What is the difference between resistivity and resistance?
Resistivity is a given property of a material, resistance can vary depending on cross-sectional area, temperature, length...
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Define Coulomb
The unit of charge, one coulomb (C) is defined as the amount of charge that passes in 1 second when the current is 1 ampere.
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Define Voltage
The potential difference across a component is 1 volt when you convert 1 joule of energy moving 1 coulomb of charge through the component. Or just the push given to electrons...
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Define Alising and the Nyquist frequency
Alising arises from under sampling a signal and it become distorted, the Nyquist frequency is twice the maxium frequency in the signal to avoid alising.
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Define the resolution of a voltmeter
The smallest detectable change in input.
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Define yield point
The stress at which a large amount of plastic deformation takes place with a constant or reduced load.
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What is the difference between n-type and p-type doping?
n-type creates a free delocalised electron and p-type creates a hole of postive charge in the material. When used together they create a semi-conducting material.
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Define Ductile


A material that can be drawn into wires without losing their strength.

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