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2. If the angle of incidence (I) is equal to the critical angle...

  • Most of the light passes out, a little portion is reflected internally.
  • The emerging rays come out along the surface with some left to be internally reflected.
  • No light comes out as it all reflects internally (Total Internal Reflection, TIR)
  • Nothing happens, it just passes through.

3. The energy from a 100W light bulb spreads over a surface of 4m squared. Calculate the intensity of radiation

  • 50 W/m squared
  • 20 W/m squared
  • 25 W/m squared
  • 12.5 W/m squared

4. Endoscopes use...

  • two bundles of optical fibres
  • one bundle of optical fibre
  • three bundles of optical fibres
  • Four bundles of optical fibres

5. A Diverging lens will always produce a...

  • virtual Image
  • real Image


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