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1. The same amount of positive and negative charges in an atom make it what?

  • A neutral, negatively charged atom
  • A stable, neutral atom
  • An unbalanced positively charged atom
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2. Atoms or molecules that have become charged are called what?

  • Compounds
  • Ions
  • Elements

3. When a duster becomes negatively charged upon rubbing with a polythene rod, what happens?

  • The duster keeps its electrons
  • The electrons from the polyethene rod are transferred to the duster
  • The electrons from the duster are transferred to the polythene rod

4. If an object is positively charged it must have what?

  • A lack of electrons
  • Too many electrons
  • Enough electrons

5. An atom consists of what?

  • A positively charged nucleus surrounded by an equal number of positively charged electrons
  • A small positively charged nucleus surrounded by an equal number of negatively charged electrons
  • A small negatively charged nucleus surrounded by an equal umber of negatively charged electrons


Miss KHP

Great Q&A tool! I like how the participant is being timed so they get an exam feel and compare times with others. Good questions and easy to understand answers. Check your progress once you have completed it.


Good for all exam boards for the Physics topic.

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