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1. What is the formula for efficiency

  • efficiency=useful energy produced/total energy supplied
  • efficiency=useful energy supplied/total energy produced
  • efficiency= total energy supplied/ useful energy produced
  • efficiency= total energy produced/useful energy supplied
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2. give the formula for waste energy

  • waste energy=useful energy supplied- total energy produced
  • waste energy=total energy supplied-useful energy produced
  • waste energy=useful energy produced-total energy supplied
  • waste energy=total energy produced-useful energy supplied

3. Name six types of energy

  • light, heat, sound, solar, electrical, kinetic
  • carbohydrates, starch, sugar, protein, fat, fibre
  • light, elastic, gravitational, chemical, speed, heat
  • light, sound, sight, touch, taste, telepathy

4. In a sankey diagram which way does useful energy go

  • below
  • straight on
  • above
  • off the side

5. What is power

  • The rate of changing energy
  • The rate of speed
  • A sense of status
  • The government


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