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2. what does alpha radiation kill in the body

  • kills just 1 cell
  • kills the next cell
  • kills all the cells near
  • kills no cells

3. give a disadvantage of using cobalt-60 in radiotherapy

  • it cannot be distroyed
  • it can only be turned off for so long
  • it can never be turned off which means that it has to be in a lead case
  • it cannot be made in advance

4. which type of radiation comes from iodine 131

  • beta and alpha
  • gamma and beta
  • gamma and alpha
  • gamma

5. how is cobalt-60 used

  • can be held using a pair of tongs at any time and can be placed in a cardboard box
  • it is kept in a lead container, which should be moved across the opening of the container when it needs to be used
  • it is not very dangerous so it can be picked up whenever
  • it can be used at any time and in any place


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