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2. How could the results be useful in the context you have researched?

  • Angle of incidence
  • They wont
  • I have researched a rear view mirror on a car
  • Using the ray of light

3. What changes would you make?

  • Some
  • Incorrect ones
  • Use a wider range of values and a smaller intervil
  • I wouldnt make any changes

4. How could you get uncertanties?

  • By measuring the angles incorrectly as it would be hard to measure exactly the centre of each ray of light
  • Not sure
  • Taking the angle of incidence away from the angle of reflection
  • Make a new table

5. Where can we see if itss more reproducible?

  • Case Study 3
  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study 2
  • Case Study 4


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