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2. How could you get uncertanties?

  • Taking the angle of incidence away from the angle of reflection
  • By measuring the angles incorrectly as it would be hard to measure exactly the centre of each ray of light
  • Not sure
  • Make a new table

3. If so why do they support the hypothesis?

  • They produce a straight line graph because as the angle of incidence increases the angle of reflection is similar or the same
  • They have no angle of incidence
  • They dont
  • They have good angles

4. What was the independant variable in your investigation?

  • The independant variable was the angle of incidence
  • Uncertanties occur due to human error
  • Angle of reflection
  • Angle of light

5. What was the cause of uncertanties in your measurements?

  • The tables were wrong
  • Uncertanites occur due to human error
  • Angle of incidence was categorial
  • There was none


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