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1. Why?

  • Could be incorrect
  • Because other people who do this experiment will be able to get the same results and same shape of graph
  • They can be repeated
  • They arent reproducible
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2. What changes would you make?

  • Incorrect ones
  • I wouldnt make any changes
  • Use a wider range of values and a smaller intervil
  • Some

3. Do your results support the hypothesis?

  • Not sure
  • No
  • Yes
  • Maybe

4. If so why do they support the hypothesis?

  • They have good angles
  • They have no angle of incidence
  • They produce a straight line graph because as the angle of incidence increases the angle of reflection is similar or the same
  • They dont

5. What would repeating the experiment do?

  • Nothing
  • Make it more reliable
  • Wasting class time
  • I dont know


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