Physics Topic 1

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1. What is a virtual image?

  • A myth.
  • When the rays diverging so the light from the object appears to be coming from a different place.
  • When you watch it through your naked eye.
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2. What did the heliocentric model state?

  • Earth orbited the Moon
  • The Earth and Planets orbit the sun as the sun is the centre of the universe
  • Pluto was the centre of the universe
  • Mars orbited the Earth

3. What does Amplitude measure?

  • Nothing.
  • The speed.
  • The height of the wave, mid-line to the peak.
  • The weight of the wave.

4. How does a Coverging lens work?

  • It makes parallel rays of light to move together to a focus.
  • It enables scientists to work harder.
  • Its makes doctors see organs more closely.

5. What name was given to the Greeks idea of orbiting?

  • Heliocentric model
  • Geocentric model
  • le orbiter
  • gelo model


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