Physics Topic 1

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1. How does a Coverging lens work?

  • It makes parallel rays of light to move together to a focus.
  • It enables scientists to work harder.
  • Its makes doctors see organs more closely.
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2. Can a wave be reflected?

  • Sometimes.
  • Yes.
  • No.

3. What do waves transfer?

  • Energy and sound.
  • Energy and information. - without transporting matter.
  • Information and heat- with transporting matter.

4. What two telescopes use Converging lenses?

  • Reflection and Space.
  • Refracting and Reflection
  • Refracting and Space

5. What do Reflecting Telescope use?

  • Converging lens and Objective
  • Mirrors and Converging lens
  • Eyepiece and Mirrors


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