Physics Topic 1

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1. What is a virtual image?

  • When the rays diverging so the light from the object appears to be coming from a different place.
  • When you watch it through your naked eye.
  • A myth.
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2. What is a longitudinal wave?

  • It is an s waves that ripples on water.
  • The vibrations are the same direction as the travel. Example sound and p waves. They are fat and travel through liquids.
  • The vibrations go the opposite way of travels. Example:Light.

3. What planet did Ancient Greeks think was the centre of the Universe?

  • Earth
  • Saturn
  • Sun
  • Mercury

4. What Converging lenses are in a Refracting telescope?

  • Objective and Cutebean
  • Objective and Eyepiece
  • Eyepiece and Mirror

5. What does Wavelength measure?

  • How fast the speed is.
  • Nothing.
  • The distance between one peak to the next.
  • The distance between the amplitude and the wave.


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