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2. What did the heliocentric model state?

  • Mars orbited the Earth
  • Pluto was the centre of the universe
  • The Earth and Planets orbit the sun as the sun is the centre of the universe
  • Earth orbited the Moon

3. What does Wavelength measure?

  • Nothing.
  • The distance between the amplitude and the wave.
  • The distance between one peak to the next.
  • How fast the speed is.

4. What formula do you use when working out speed, frequency and wavelength?

  • Wavelength= Speed takeaway frequency.
  • Speed= Frequency times Wavelength.
  • Frequency= Speed divide wavelength.

5. What two telescopes use Converging lenses?

  • Reflection and Space.
  • Refracting and Reflection
  • Refracting and Space


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