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2. What do waves transfer?

  • Energy and information. - without transporting matter.
  • Information and heat- with transporting matter.
  • Energy and sound.

3. How does refraction work on waves?

  • Light waves disappear when they go towards low density substances.
  • Sound, light waves change speed when the cross the boundary between 2 substances at different densitys, glass, air, it causes it to bend.
  • Sound waves bend when they hit high density's.

4. What does the Speed measure?

  • Nothing.
  • How fast it goes.
  • How slow is goes.

5. What does Frequency measure?

  • Measure it in cm or m and it measure the amount of complete waves in a minute.
  • How many complete waves there are per second. ( Measures in hertz;Hz. High frequencies are kHz
  • Nothing.
  • It measures how many complete waves there are in an hour and measures in Hz or kHz


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