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2. What does Amplitude measure?

  • The height of the wave, mid-line to the peak.
  • The weight of the wave.
  • Nothing.
  • The speed.

3. What formula do you use to work out wave speed, distance and time?

  • Wave speed= Distance divide by Time.
  • Distance= Time times Wave speed.
  • Wave speed = Time + Distance.

4. What two telescopes use Converging lenses?

  • Refracting and Reflection
  • Refracting and Space
  • Reflection and Space.

5. What is a Transverse wave?

  • Its a type of wave that causes erosion.
  • The waves are at at a 90 degree angle to the direction of the wave. Examples; light and electromagnetic, s waves and water.
  • The waves are 180 degree angle. Example are sound.


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