Physics Topic 1

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1. How can you see planets and stars through a telescope ?

  • The planets reflect of the stars because they are hot and the stars reflect of the moon.
  • The stars give out visable rays because they are hot and planets reflect sunlight.
  • The stars and planets reflect of the moon.
  • The stars reflect sunlight and the planets give out visable rays
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2. What planet did Ancient Greeks think was the centre of the Universe?

  • Mercury
  • Saturn
  • Earth
  • Sun

3. What is a real image?

  • Is where light form an object comes together to form an image on a screen.
  • When rays diverge.
  • When you loo through a telescope.

4. How does a Coverging lens work?

  • It makes parallel rays of light to move together to a focus.
  • It enables scientists to work harder.
  • Its makes doctors see organs more closely.

5. What are Converging Lenses used for?

  • Used to make Glasses.
  • Used to focus light.
  • Used to make things clearer.


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