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its never used up its just transferred between different energy stores
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specific heat capacity
how much energy it takes to heat something
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is the process where vibrating particles transfer energy to neighbouring particles
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is where energetic particles move away from hotter to cooler regions
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reduced friction force
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made up of plants and waste
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geothermal power
energy in underground thermal energy stores
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is the flow of electrical charge
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seriers circuit
all or nothing, potential difference is shared, current is the same everywhere & resistance adds up
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parallel circuit
independence & isolation, potential difference is the same across all components, current is shared between branches, adding a resistor in parallel reduces the total resistance.
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live wire
BROWN- provides the alternating potential difference
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neutral wire
BLUE- completes the circuit and carries away current away, electricity flow in through live wire & out through the neutral wire its around O V.
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earth wire
GREEN & YELLOW- for protecting the wiring & for safety- it stops the appliance casing from becoming live. doesn't carry current. only carry current if fault. its O V
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potential difference
is the energy transferred per charge passed
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specific heat latent
is the energy needed to change the state of a 1kg mass
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alpha particles
are helium Nuclei, don't penetrate far into materials & stopped very quickly can only travel few cm in air & absorbed by sheet of paper
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beta particles
are high speed electrons, can penetrate fat through materials before colliding, absorbed by a sheet of aluminium
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gamma particles
are EM waves with a short wavelength, penetrate far and travel long distances they are absorbed by thick sheets if lead or meters of concrete
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alpha decay
decreases the charge & mass of the nucleus
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beta decay
increases the charge of the nucleus
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gamma rays
don't change the charge/ mass go the nucleus
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is the time-taken for the number of radioactive nuclei in an isotope to halve
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nuclear fission
splitting a large, unstable nucleus
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nuclear fusion
joining small nuclei
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specific heat capacity


how much energy it takes to heat something

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