Physics - P2

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1. What is an asteroid?

  • Remains of planet that collided with Earth billions of years ago.
  • Rocks left over form the formation of the Solar System.
  • A small body with a core of frozen gas & dust.
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2. Three types of fuel used in power stations?

  • Nuclear Fuel, Fossil Fuels & Gas
  • Fossil Fuels, Biomass & Nuclear Fuel
  • Petrol, Biomass & Nuclear Fuel
  • Fossil Fuels, Petrol & Biomass

3. What are the 4 stages of electricity production in a conventional power station?

  • Fuel is burned to release heat energy, heat boils water to produce steam, steam drives turbines which drive generators & generators produce electricity.
  • Fuel is burned & heat boils water which produces electricity.
  • Heat boils & produces electricity.

4. What is it meant by renewable energy?

  • Energy that will not run out.
  • Energy that is finite.
  • Energy that will run out.

5. What will a medium weight star, like our Sun, eventually become?

  • Supernova
  • White Dwarf
  • Black Hole
  • Red giant




Two complaints about this quiz: Question one, when asked for 2 greenhouse gases, the correct answer is giving 3 greenhouse gases. On question 3, the sun will become a red giant, however it will later be a white dwarf, so both answers are correct.

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