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2. How are sound waves produced?

  • Produced by banging into particles
  • Produced by jumping particles
  • Produced by hugging particles
  • Produced by high-fiving particles

3. What is meant by the term 'Intense coherent'

  • When the waves are in phase but have different frequencies
  • When the waves have high divergence
  • When the waves are in phase and have the same frequency
  • When the waves aren't in phase but have the same frequency

4. What direction do particles move in a longitudinal wave?

  • Back and fouth
  • Up and down
  • In a zig-zag motion
  • The particles don't move

5. What is meant by the term 'Amplitude?'

  • The maximum disturbance caused by the wave
  • The distance between one crest to the other
  • The maximum weight of a wave
  • The number of waves produced per second


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