Physics - P1

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1. What is meant by the 'frequency of a wave'?

  • The distance between two corresponding points on two successive disturbances
  • The number of waves produced, or that pass a particular point, in one second
  • The maximum disturbance caused by the wave
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2. What happens to light when it hits a glass-air boundary at an angle above the critical angle of substance?

  • The light is totally internally reflected and not refracted
  • Refracted

3. Name the useful energies produced by a television.

  • Electrical energy
  • Light and sound
  • Heat energy

4. On a thermogram of two objects, one appears blue in colour, and the other one is yellow. Which object is giving out the most heat energy?

  • Yellow
  • Blue

5. What types of molecules in foods absorb microwaves?

  • Sulfuric acid
  • Water and fat
  • Carbon dioxide




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