Physics Equations

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Weight (N)
mass (kg) x gravitational field strength (N/kg)
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Work done (J)
force (N) x distance (m)
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Force applied to a spring (N)
spring constant (N/m) x extension (m)
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Moment (N/m)
force (N) x distance (m)
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Pressure (Pa)
force (N) / surface area (m^2)
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Distance (m)
speed (m/s) x time (s)
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Acceleration (m/s^2)
change in velocity (m/s) / time taken (s)
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Resultant force (N)
mass (kg) x acceleration (m/s^2)
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Momentum (Kg m/s)
mass (kg) x velocity (m/s)
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Kinetic energy (J)
0.5 x mass (kg) x speed^2 (m/s)
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Gravitational potential energy (J)
mass (kg) x gravitational field strength (g) x height (m)
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Power (W)
energy transferred (J) / time (s)
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Power (W)
work done (J) / time (s)
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useful output energy transfer / total input energy transfer
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useful power output / total power input
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Wave speed (m/s)
frequency (Hz) x wavelength (m)
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Charge flow (C)
current (A) x time (s)
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Potential diffeerence (V)
current (S) x resistance (Ω)
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Power (W)
potential difference (V) x current (A)
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Power (W)
current^2 (A) x resistance (Ω)
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Energy transferred (kWh)
power (kW) x time (h)
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Energy tranferred (J)
charge flow (C) x potential difference (V)
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Density (Kg/m^3)
mass (kg) / volume (m^3)
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Work done (J)


force (N) x distance (m)

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Force applied to a spring (N)


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Moment (N/m)


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Pressure (Pa)


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