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1. What is the national grid?

  • a system of power stations, cables and transformers
  • the telephone wires that connect homes to eachother
  • all the power stations in the UK
  • the cables that connect homes to power stations
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2. what are the states of energy, in order, of a hydro-electric power station?

  • kinetic energy, electrical energy
  • chemical energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy
  • gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy
  • electrical energy

3. why is the voltage stepped up for long- distance transportation in cables?

  • it's cheaper
  • because less energy is lost
  • it's easier to transport the energy
  • it makes the journey faster

4. what is diffraction?

  • when waves spread out after they pass through a gap
  • when waves have a higher frequency
  • when waves get smaller
  • when waves compress

5. what wave is a transverse wave?

  • gamma ray
  • sound wave


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