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1. what is the definition of u-value?

  • the measure of how effective a material is as an insulator
  • the value of how much it costs to pay a material back compared to the amount of money it saves
  • it measures the cost of an electrical device
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2. how do we know if an image is virtual?

  • the image is larger
  • the image doesn't look real
  • the image cannot be projected onto a screen
  • the image is smaller

3. which type of fuel is non-renewable?

  • hydro-electric power
  • nuclear power
  • biofuels
  • geothermal energy

4. What is the national grid?

  • a system of power stations, cables and transformers
  • the telephone wires that connect homes to eachother
  • all the power stations in the UK
  • the cables that connect homes to power stations

5. what is the angle of incidence equal to?

  • the angle of reflection
  • the angle of refraction
  • the sine rule of the angle
  • the angle from the mirror to the normal


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