What is a kinetic energy?
The energy of a moving object.
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What is LED?
Light Emitting Diode.
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What is a NEUTRON?
A particle with no charge neutral.
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What is a parallel circuit?
A circuit with more than one path around it.
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What is potential difference?
Pushes electrons around the circuit.
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What is a PROTON?
A particle with a positive charge.
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What is resistance?
Flow of current through a component.
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What is a series circuit?
A circuit with only one path.
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What is specific heat energy?
the heat required to raise the temperature of the unit mass of a given substance by a given amount (usually one degree).
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What is longitudinal wave?
Vibrations in the same way the wave goes.
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What is the magnetic field?
The area around the magnet.
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What is mass?
Mass is a measure of how much stuff is in an object.
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What is momentum?
A moving object has momentum. This is the tendency of the object to keep moving in the same direction.
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What is non contact force?
A non-contact force is a force which acts on an object without coming physically in contact with
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What is period?
The time taken for one complete wave.
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What is reaction force?
The upwards force?
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What is terminal velocity?
The maximum velocity of a falling object.
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What is transverse wave?
A wave with vibrations at right angles.
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What is unbalanced Forces?
A change in velocity.
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What is velocity?
Speed in a particular direction.
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What is Wavelength?
The distance between peaks on a wave.
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What is weight?
The weight of an object is the force acting on it due to gravity.
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