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2. How do scientists explain Red Shift?

  • The entire universe is expanding
  • The entire universe is collapsing
  • The universe will eventually collapse
  • The universe is rotating about an axis

3. How do scientists explain the presence of CMBR?

  • It is heat radiation emitted when distant stars explode
  • It is remaining heat radiation from the Big Bang
  • It is light radiation left over from the Big Bang
  • Dust and debris from exploding stars affects the radiation equipment

4. When stars are moving towards us, their light appears...?

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

5. When did the Big Bang occur?

  • 13.7 million years ago
  • 1,370 million years ago
  • 13,700 million years ago
  • 137 million years ago


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