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2. An object will emit or absorb energy faster if...?

  • The object is coated in a layer of insulation such as foam
  • There is a big difference in temperature between it and its surroundings
  • The temperatures of it and its surroundings are the same
  • There is a small difference in temperature between it and its surroundings

3. What adaptation would be best suited to a desert fox?

  • Small, thick ears
  • Large, thin ears
  • Small, thin ears
  • Large, thick ears

4. What is created when a radiator heats the air around it?

  • Radiation cycle
  • Convection current
  • Conduction current
  • Convection cycle

5. When a gas condenses, what happens to the energy?

  • It is transferred to the container, cooling the surface
  • It is released and causes the temperature to increase
  • It is absorbed by the liquid causing the particles to move more
  • It increases, causing the particles to vibrate and join together


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