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what is temperature
is a measurment of hotness on an arbitrary scale
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what happens when your body temperature increases
average Kinetic energy of particles increases
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what is heat
measurement of internal energy. measured on an absolute scale
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what is specific heat capacity
energy needed to raise temp of 1kg by 1 degree
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what is the word equation for energy tranfer
ET=mass x shc x temp change
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what is specific heat capacity of water
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what is specific heat capacity of mercury
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what are electric storage heaters desinged to do
store heat and energy at night and release during daytime. They store heat using concrete or briks which have a high specific heat capacity
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what is specific heat capacity of oil
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what is an advanatge of using an oil heater prefered to water
has a higher boiling point so they can reach higher temperatures more saftley
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what is specific latent heat
energy needed to melt or boil 1kg of a material
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what happens when an object is heated
it changes state but temperture remains same
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explain double glazing with insualtion
reduce energy loss by between filled with gas or vacuum.particles in gas are far apart so difficult to transfer particles in vacum so impossible to transfere energy by conduction
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explain loft insulation
reduce energy loss by convection and conduction.warm air rises,
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explain cavity wall insulation
reduce by convection and conduction,air in foam is good insualtor,air cannot move by convection becasue trapped in foam
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explain insulation blocks
shiny foil on both sides to reduce by radiation,energy from sun reflected back to keep cool in summer, energy from home reflected back to keep home warm in winter
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what is conduction
where particles vibrate and transfer energy through kinetic energy
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what is convection
gas expands when heated. less dense so rises
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what is amplitude
maximum displacemnt of a perticle from rest posistion
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what is crest
highest point on wave above rest position
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what is trough
lowest point on wave below rest poistion
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what is wavelenght
distance between two sucessive points on a wave having the same dispalcemnt and moving in same direction
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what is frequency
number of complete waves passing a point in one second
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what is the equation for wave speed
wave speed=frequency x wavelenght
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why does rarefraction occur
becasue speed of wave decreases as the wave enters a more dense meduim and increases as wave enters a less dense meduim.frequency stays same but wavelenght changes
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what is diffraction
spreading out of a wave as it passes through a gap
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what does the amount of diffaction depend upon
size of gap. most diffraction occurs when gap is similar size to wavelenght. large gaps show less diffaction
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what is white light made up of
differetn colours of different frequencys out of phase
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what does laser light have
single frequency is in phase and shows low divergance
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how can you read a CD
CD is pitted,pits represent a digital signal,laser is shone on CD and teh diference in relection provides information for digital signal
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what happens when light goes through a more dense material to less dense
angle of rarefraction is larger than angle of incidence
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what happens when angle is 90 degrees
angle of incidence is calleed the critical angle
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if the angle of incidence is bigger than critical angle what is it called
total internall reflection
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what is an endoscope
allows us to see inside body,light passes along optical fibres to illuminate insde body,light is refelcted,reflected light passes up anothe set of fibres to an eyepeice
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what does infared radiation do
does not penetrate food very easily
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what can microwaves do
penetrate glass or plastic but are reflected by shing surfaces. glass in microvaes casues it to get reflected and can cause tissue to burn
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what depends on the amount of energy transfered
frequency of waves, high frequency short wave does most.
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how does infared radiation cook food
energy absorbed by surface of food, KE increases and rest of food is heated by conduction
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how does microwaves cook food
water and fat molecules in outer layers vibrate more
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what must the transmitter nad reciver be
in line of sight. areilas at top of high buildings
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what are satelights used for
microwvae communication.signal earth recived amplified and retransmitted back to earth, no obstruction in space
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what are properties of microvae communication
dont show much diffaction,weather conditions can scatter signals, curvature of earth limits line of sight so transmitters have to be on tall buildings
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what happens to radio waves
refelcted and refracted by earths atmosphere. amount of rarefraction depends on frequency , less rarefraction at high frequencys
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what shows less interfernace
digital sounds
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what are benfits of DAB
greater choice of stations but auido quality not as good as FM, eliminates interferance between other radio stations.
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where are radio waves refracted from
ionosphere they undergo total internal rarefraction
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