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how long is the san-andreas fault?
1300km but mostly cuts through California
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what does it mark the boundary between?
pacific plate and north american plate
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example of earthqauke
great san-francisco earthquake 1906
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what are guyots?
flat-topped sea mounts
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basaltic lava
originate largely from the upward movement of mantle material. common along spreading ridges also at hotspots
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andesitic lavas
typical of destructive margins where crust is destroyed
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rhyolitic lavas
most often at destructive or collision margins
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how far does the hawaiin hot spot stretch?
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what direction is the pacific plate moving in?
north-west at a rate of 5-10cm a year
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what is the next volcano in the chain?
Lo'ihi seamount, south of Hawaii
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what direction are the extinct volcanoes?
north west of hawaii
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where is the plate being pulled today?
towards the Aleutian island arc , where it will be subducted
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ropey lava
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blocky lava
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what is the largest volcanoe on earth?
mauna loa, volume of 18000 cubic miles
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world most active?
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fissure volcano
heimaey, iceland
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mauna loa, hawaii
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mt etna, italy
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acid dome
puy de dome, france
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ash/cinder cone
paricutin , mexico
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crater lake, US
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what is composite made from?
many layers of hardened lava, tephra, pumice and volcanic ash
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what are ash/cinder formed from?
by pyroclastic rock fragments, or cinders, which accumulate and gradually build a conical hill with a bowl-shaped crater at the top
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how much is the cone usualyl inclined?
30 degrees and maybe only a few tens of feet high
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acid dome volcanoes
steep convex sides due to cooling of viscous lava, rhyolitic lava emmited cant travel far
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what does it mark the boundary between?


pacific plate and north american plate

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example of earthqauke


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what are guyots?


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basaltic lava


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