Physical Landscapes of Britain

Year one British Geology exam:

  • Geological Time
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Precambrian
  • Palaeozoic
  • Mesozoic
  • Cenozoic
  • Peak District
  • Geology Walk
  • Rock Practical
  • Geological mapping
  • British Ice Ages
  • Engineering Geology
  • Environmental Geology
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1. What are the 4 features of engineering geology?

  • Deformability, durability, strength and size
  • Shape, size, rock type, strength
  • Strength, deformability, durability and permeability
  • Slope, angle, durability and permeability
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2. What sea joined together from the east and west in the Miocene period?

  • Dead Sea
  • Meditrttanean Sea
  • Red Sea
  • North Sea

3. Which is not a feature of the Peak District?

  • Solifuction- thaw free thaw
  • Peat accumulation
  • Glaciations- Anglican and Devonsian
  • Fossils- crinoids
  • Dry river and ephemeral streams
  • Minerals- Feldspar, Galena
  • Caves- carbonic acid in water
  • Earthquakes- landslides
  • Reefs- bioherms
  • River incision- Millstone Grit
  • Topography- synclines and anticlines
  • Edges and Tors- cliff faces undermined by percolating water below
  • Deltas- shale and sandstone development
  • Limestone- lithifaction
  • Coal measures
  • Landslips
  • Toadstones- volcanic flows from buckling of crust
  • Dark Peak from shale, grit and sandstone of deltas
  • White Peak from limestone of marine conditions

4. What is not a type of fossil record dating?

  • Phyletic Gradualism where ancestral paths and shown in a step change
  • Genetic variation where there is a link between ancestral genes etc
  • Faunal succession where there is a link of evolution, fossilisation etc

5. Which is not a rock on University Park Campus

  • Castle sandstone (carboniferous)
  • Bulwell stone
  • Horneblende schist
  • Lenton Firs rock
  • Chalk
  • Mercia mudstone


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