Physical Landscapes of Britain

Year one British Geology exam:

  • Geological Time
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Precambrian
  • Palaeozoic
  • Mesozoic
  • Cenozoic
  • Peak District
  • Geology Walk
  • Rock Practical
  • Geological mapping
  • British Ice Ages
  • Engineering Geology
  • Environmental Geology
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1. Which statement about the Jurassic outcrop is incorrect?

  • Found in the Lias Group of rock along with Permian rocks
  • Found in the south and the midlands
  • In Early Jurassic it formed Pangaea and in Late Jurassic it formed Laurasia and Gondwana
  • Jurassic coast is found along Devon
  • There is a variation of CO2 and carbonate at different depths within the rock
  • More Jurassic rocks found in the Pacific than the Atlantic
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2. What was not found in the lake and bogs of Cwm Idwal?

  • Fossils
  • Glacial deposits
  • Dryas
  • Bolling/Allerod
  • Younger Holocene period rocks

3. What minerals are light in igenous rocks?

  • Feldspar and Quartz
  • Biotite and Olivine
  • Amphibole and Hebenbergite

4. What is not a pattern of metamorphic rocks?

  • Schistosity
  • Banding
  • Striations
  • Slatey cleavage

5. Where was the Ancient course of Thames found to be 30m higher than it is today?

  • Swanscombe MIS 11
  • Hackney Downs MIS 8/9
  • Boxgrove MIS 13
  • East Anglia MIS 12


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