Physical Training and Socio-Cultural Influences - Unit 2 and 3

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1. What is an example of HIIT training?

  • Running for an hour.
  • Using weight machines in a gym.
  • Repeated short periods of exercise followed by rest. The work out lasts no longer than 10 mins.
  • Running but changing the pace you run at frequently.
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2. What should a cool down contain?

  • Low-intensity exercise, Skill rehearsal
  • High-ntensity exercise, Stretching
  • Low-intensity exercise, Stretching
  • High-ntensity exercise, Skill reheasal

3. What does SPOR stand for?

  • Specificy, Progression, Overload, Retain
  • Specificy, Purpose, Overload, Reversibility
  • Specificy, Progression, Overload, Reversibility
  • Space, Purpose, Overload, Reversibility

4. What is being described? "An activity that involves changes in speed and direction, for example shuttle runs."

  • Skill Rehearsal
  • Mobility
  • Dynamic Movements
  • Pulse Raising

5. What is a benefit for a cool down?

  • Maintains blood flow
  • Stops carbin dioxide removal
  • Causes blood pooling
  • Stops oxygen transport


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