Physical geography: Water and carbon cycles: Systems concept.

1. Identify one characteristic of systems

  • All systems transfer both energy and matter.
  • Function in the same way- involves inputs and outputs of material (energy/or matter).
  • There are no relationships between the processes of systems.
  • They do not follow a specific structure.
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2. identify one incorrect charcteristic of systems

  • Only SOME systems exchange energy/matter beyond their defined boundary.
  • Different parts of the system are connected and intergrated together.
  • Systems accuratley show the reality of what is happening in systems.
  • Systems are a generalisation of reality- give an idea of what is happening in a system, but the reality is more detailed.

3. What is a closed system?

  • A system that transfers only matter into and beyond the system boundary.
  • A system that transfers energy into and outside of the system boundary, does NOT transfer matter.
  • A system that transfers both energy and matter into and beyond the system boundary.
  • A system that has interactions only outside of the system boundary.

4. Define positive feedback.

  • The effect of a change does not influence the processes in the system.
  • Enhances and effect, which has an impact on the process- leading to a "SNOWBALL EFFECT."
  • The inputs and outputs of the system are reduced by one change, which further reduces the inputs into the system.
  • The inputs and outputs of a systems are made level.

5. Idenitfy one factor that can cause disbalance in the system.

  • Large storm events- storm surges.
  • The time that it takes the inputs to enter the system.
  • The day of the week.
  • How old the system is.


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