Physical Geography

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1. What is this... repeated change in the temperature and weathering can cause for break down to occur

  • Freeze Thaw
  • Wetting and drying
  • Salt Crystal Weathering
  • Isolation
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2. What is biological weathering

  • animals decomposed in the rocks
  • plants breaking down the rocks
  • rocks being crushed

3. What is this... high temperatures cause for all moisture to be drawn out of the rock including salt, this dries out and crystals form causing crack to form and the rock begins to disintegrate

  • Salt Crystal weathering
  • wetting and drying
  • Freeze thaw
  • isolation

4. For an area to be arid what is the maximum amount of rainfall it must get

  • 100mm
  • 700mm
  • 250mm
  • 500mm

5. What is Abrasion

  • the entrainment and removal of loose material by the wind
  • Wind blown particles crashing into the rock
  • Material rubbing together causing wearing away.


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