Physical Geography

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1. What type of plant is this... stores water, closed stomata during the day, spikes for protection

  • Ephemerals (Verbena)
  • Succulents (Cacti)
  • Xerophytes (Creosote Bush)
  • Halophytes (Prickle Weed)
  • Phreatophytes (Mesquite)
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2. What is Deflation

  • The entrainment and removal of loose material by the wind
  • Wind blow particles rubbing against the rock
  • material rubbing together causing wearing away

3. What is this... high temperatures cause for the rocks to expand during the day and low temperature in the evening cause it to shrink meaning layers peal off.

  • Isolation (onion skin weathering)
  • wetting and drying
  • freeze thaw
  • salt crystal weathering

4. what is this... Water or liquid gets into cracks in the rock when the temperature decreases the water freezes and expands by around 10% this process is repeated and the rock begins to crack

  • Freeze Thaw
  • Salt Weathering
  • Wetting and Drying
  • Isolation

5. What is this type of plant... Grows in salt pans, secretes salt onto leaves

  • Xerophytes (Creosote Bush)
  • Halophytes (Prickle Weed)
  • Succulents (Cacti)
  • Phreatophytes (Mesquite)
  • Ephemerals (Verbena)


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