About chloroplasts, the light dependant, light indenpendant stage of photosynthesis and factors affecting photosynthesis. 

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1. What energy does the light dependent reaction require?

  • Electrical
  • Solar
  • Chemical
  • ATP
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2. With a lack of CO2, why does RuBp start to rise?

  • Less enzyme action
  • Less Glucose
  • Because it is not converted into GP
  • More TP is converted back into RuBp

3. How many carbons are in Ru Bp in the light independent reaction?

  • 30
  • 12
  • 6
  • 36

4. When does the light compensation point occur?

  • No net gas exchange
  • In photosynthesis when oxygen and CO2 are equal
  • More oxygen than CO2 absorbed
  • More CO2 absorbed than Oxygen

5. Which of these can't plants make through photosynthesis?

  • Cellulose
  • CO2
  • Glucose
  • Proteins


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