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1. What is the 1st stage in the light independent reaction?

  • GP is reduced into TP
  • RuBP combines with CO2 using rubsico to form 2xTP
  • RuBP combines with CO2 using rubisco to form 2xGP
  • Rubisco combines with CO2 using RuBP to form 2xGP
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2. How is ATP made?

  • Reduction of NADP
  • Movement of electrons through enzyme ATP synthase
  • Movement of protons through enzyme ATP synthase
  • Photolysis of water

3. What is the 1st stage in the l.d reaction?

  • Energy from excited electrons generates NADPH
  • Light energy excites electrons in PSll, causing them to leave and so reducing it.
  • Energy from excited electrons makes ATP
  • Photolysis of water produces protons, electrons and oxygen

4. Where does the light dependent reaction take place?

  • Stomata
  • Stroma
  • Thylakoid membranes
  • Cell membrane of plant cell

5. Where does the l.i reaction take place?

  • Thylakoid membrane
  • Stroma
  • Stomata
  • Nucleus


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