Photosynthesis and Respiration

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1. What does the root of a plant do?

  • Produces a drink for the plant
  • Transports water and minerals
  • Takes in water and minerals
  • Produces food for the plant
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2. A way how leaves adapt to help the process of photosynthesis is....

  • they rip easily
  • they are green
  • they have a waxy layer to keep water off
  • they have a stalk

3. What is the word equation for respiration?

  • glucose+oxygen -------> carbon dioxide+water
  • water+oxygen -------> glucose+oxygen
  • there isn't one
  • Respiration isn't a thing

4. Write the word equation for photosynthesis

  • Oxygen+Water -------> Carbon Dioxide+Glucose
  • Glucose+Water -------> Oxygen+Carbon Dioxide
  • Water+Carbon Dioxide -------> Glucose+Oxygen
  • Glucose+Oxygen -------> Water+Carbon Dioxide

5. What is the word equation for anaerobic respiration in humans?

  • Bread and Beer
  • glucose+CO2 -------> lactic acid
  • lactic acid+glucose
  • There isn't such a thing


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