Photosynthesis and anaerobic respiration

1. what is the metabolism?

  • to make glucose to give you energy for anaerobic respiration
  • glycogen broken down to provide more glucose.
  • is the sum of all chemical reactions of the body
  • amount of oxygen required to break down lactic acid
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2. whats the stimulus to increase the rate of heart beat?

  • the muscle
  • the eyes
  • high level of carbon dioxide
  • the brain

3. whats the coordinater to increase the rate of heart beat?

  • The brain/CNS
  • response
  • receptors
  • effector

4. why do we do anarobic respiration?

  • we do anaerobic respiration when there is insufficient oxygen to meet energy demands.
  • to make carbon dioxide
  • to excerisise muscles for more energy
  • to make the heart rate increase to get more glucose to your muscles.

5. what is the general equation for photosynthesis?

  • oxygen+carbon dioxide→water+glucose
  • oxygen+glucose→carbon dioxide+water+energy
  • carbon dioxide+water→oxygen+glucose
  • carbon dioxide+glucose→sunlight energy+water


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