philosphy and ethics

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having sexual relationship with someone other than your husband or wife
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making a marriage invalid so that a couple can seperate without a divorce
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civil partnership
a legally recognised relationship, established by a civil ceremony between two people of the same sex
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when a couple live together without being married
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a way of having sex without getting pregnant
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you decide whether an action is right or wrong without looking at the consequences
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a legal seperation between a husband and wife so that they are no longer recognised as married
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the study of moral philosphy; trying to discover what is right and wrong
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extended family
different generations of a family all living together
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the emotional and sexual attraction to members of the same sex
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a legally recognised relationship, estabilished by a civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as man and wife
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nuclear family
a married couple with biological children
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nuptial mass
a special service that takes place in a catholic wedding
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people who are accepted into the church as a leading figure
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rhythm method
a couple only has sex at certain times of the month when woman are least fertile
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an event that is in gods presence, and makes us closer to him
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discriminating against a person based on their gender
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you look at consequences of an action in order to work out if it is right or wrong
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deliberate termination of a pregnancy by removal and destruction of the foetus
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artifical insemination by donor
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artifical insemination by husband
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an individual organism or cell produced asexually from one ancestor to which they are genetically identical
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easy and gentle death
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genetic engineering
changing or destroying parts of a humans genetic make up in the embryonic (0-8 weeks) stages of life
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medical ethics
questions of morality that are raised by medical situations
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palliative care
a means of reducing the pain and other bad effects of a terminal illness
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people who belive that abortions should be made easily available for women who want them
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those who believe abortion is wrong
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sanctity of life
the belief that all life is given by god and therefore sacred
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deliberately ending ones life
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another woman carries the child through pregnancy
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a means of giving in order to help the less unfortunate
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christian aid
a christian charity organization that provides money, equipment, advice to help poorer countries
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something, typically money, that is owed or dued
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the act of making use of a situation to gain unfair advantage for oneself
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fair trade
trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries
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immoral occupation
there are certain industries and companys that christians would not work for because they believe they do wrong thigns
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north/south divide
the idea that the northern hemisphere is considerably richer and more developed than the south
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the state of being exteremely poor
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is a theological belief that humans are responsible for the world
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conscientious objector
when someone follows their conscience and does not go to a specific war
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someone who has broke the law
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punish people so harshly that other criminals will think twice
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holy war
a war fought to protect a religion
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just war
the rules/terms under which a war is allowed
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this means that people are treated fairly in all ways
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someone who blieves people should never resort to violence
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the absence of war and other hostilities
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the infliction of a penalty for committing an offence
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try to change the criminal into a better person
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the punishment should suit the crime- an eye for eye theory
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social injustice
refers to unfair treatment of a person or groups of people; such as sexism; racism
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to have punishments which make people respect the law
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a period of open, armed and prolonged conflict between states, nations or parties
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treating people unfairly due to their race, gender, age, disability, religion
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treating someone the same
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a movement for promoting unity between different christian churches
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the spreading of a religious faith through preaching and teaching
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an act of pardoning someone for a mistake or wrong doing
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missionary work
a person sent to another country to spread their faith or to do social or medical work
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forming an opinion about someone without knowing them
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racial harmony
different races living peacfully in one society
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the ending of conflict and renewing of a friendly relationship
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religious freedom
the right to cchange or practice your religion
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blaming an innocent person for something
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the seperation of black and white people
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the suppresion of all or part of a play, film, book, letter or publication
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god slot
sundays between 10-12 noon and 6-7pm, times when religious programmes are shown on tv
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freedom of speech
the concept of being able to say what you want without threat of punishment
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moral issues
something which is regarded as the right thing to do by some people and as the wrong thing by other people
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making a marriage invalid so that a couple can seperate without a divorce



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a legally recognised relationship, established by a civil ceremony between two people of the same sex


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when a couple live together without being married


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a way of having sex without getting pregnant


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