Philosophy - Existence of God

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Whats a theist?
Believes in God
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Whats an athiest?
Believes theres no God
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Whats an agnostic?
Isn't convinced either way
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What is the First Cause arguement also known as?
The Cosmoslogical arguement
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What is the First Cause arguement?
Cause and effect, First cause = God, By Thomas Aquinas(Christian)
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Ideas against the First Cause arguement?
Universe doesnt have to have a cause, Things outside our world are beyond our understanding so could work differently, Things always existed all way back to infinity, If God's perfect why world got imperfections?, Cause doesnt have to be God
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What is the other name for the Design Arguement?
Design Arguement
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What is the Design Arguement?
The universe is complex so must have been designed, The designer must have been powerful and intelligent so must be God, e.g. Circle of life and Perfect combination of chemical in the air, By William Paley
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Ideas against the Design Arguement?
Everything is random and down to chance, Seeing order in chaos, Suffering/Natural disasters, Evolution(Darwin)
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What is a religious experience?
Direct contact with God that strengthens faith or makes you convvert to a faith, Benefits others
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Types of religious experience?
Near death experience, Miracle(act of God that goes against laws of nature), Conversion, Numinous experience(when something amazes you so you feel like theres something more powerful out there)
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Ideas against a religious experience?
No evidence, People only have experience linked to religion they know about, External influence, Why doesnt God give everyone experience so all believe in him
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Ideas for a religious experience?
People 100% convinced, Happens to shy people who are unlikely to lie, Can happen to anyone, Sometimes leaves physical signs(stigmata)
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What is morality?
The difference between right and wrong
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Ideas for morality showing existence of God?
Unbuilt sense of morality, Sense comes from source(God)
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Ideas against morality showing existence of God?
Way brought up and taught, Part of survival process, Evolution, Huma development
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Ideas against the Existence of God?
We use God to explain what science can't(more discoveries made=less need for God), Evolution shows there is no design just adaptation, Would an all loving, powerful and knowing God allow evil and suffering?, Why doesnt God show himself to everyone?
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Whats an athiest?


Believes theres no God

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Whats an agnostic?


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What is the First Cause arguement also known as?


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What is the First Cause arguement?


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