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2. Aquinas used the concept of Synderesis. What did he mean by this?

  • The ability to balance self interest against the needs of others
  • Deriving secondary precepts and applying them to real situations
  • The ability to grasp our ultimate human nature, to know the primary precepts
  • Synderesis means that people sin sometimes, through ignorance

3. What contribution did Piaget make to the debate on conscience?

  • We can study the way the conscience develops over time, noting four phases and stages
  • The conscience can never lead us to make bad choices
  • Piaget saw it as a unhealthy thing that preventing us from developing
  • The conscience is evidence that humans must have been created by God

4. Who said 'I shall drink to my conscience, and then the Pope'?

  • Butler
  • St Paul
  • Newman
  • Aquinas

5. Which Christian thinkers saw conscience as a God-given ability to reason?

  • Aquinas and Butler
  • Aquinas and Butler
  • Butler and Newman
  • Aquinas, Newman and Butler


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