Phases of learning

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1. Which of the following points describe the cognitive phase of learning?

  • less conscious thought, focus on environmental factors, performance looks good
  • verbal explanation, perfect performance demonstrated, trial and error practice, not smooth
  • peformance becomes smoother, mistakes are eliminated during practice, kinaesthesis gained
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2. Which type of feedback is given during the associative phase of learning?

  • internal
  • positive
  • verbal

3. Which stage of learning uses selective attention (ignoring irrelevant information) ?

  • Autonomous
  • Cognitive
  • Associative

4. A practical example of the cognitive phase is when you are taught the overhead clear in badminton and the teacher demonstrates and describes the skill so you can visualise the skill

  • True
  • False

5. A practical example of the autonomous phase is when you practice the overhead clear in badminton and you notice what is going wrong and try to correct it.

  • False
  • True


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