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2. Select the option which identifies the most likely action of neostigmine on the action of suxamethonium.

  • Suxamethonium's action will dramatically decrease
  • Suxamethonium's action will dramatically increase
  • Suxamethonium's action will be unaffected/slightly increase
  • Suxamethonium's action will slightly decrease

3. How does tetrodotoxin act?

  • It systemically blocks the release of ACh by breaking down the ACh vesicles whilst they are still in the pre-synaptic knob
  • It systemically blocks the sodium channels involved in propagating the nerve impulse
  • It systemically blocks the action of AChE in breaking down ACh in the synaptic cleft
  • It systemically blocks the calcium channels involved in propagating the nerve impulse

4. Which two substances are formed when AChE breaks down ACh?

  • Acetyl CoA & Cholinesterase
  • Acetylsalicylic Acid & Choline
  • Acetic Acid & Choline
  • Acetic Acid & Cholinesterase

5. If you suspect organophosphate poisoning, which drug should be given ASAP (within 10 mins)?

  • Suxamethonium
  • Tetrodotoxin
  • Pralidoxime
  • Physostigmine


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