Pharmacology of the NMJ - Medicine BM5 NLM1

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1. If Vecuronium is given to a patient with Myasthenia Gravis, what will happen to the transmission block comparative to a person without MG on Vecuronium

  • No difference
  • Enhanced
  • Reduced
  • It will be reduced to such an extent that the patient with MG will spontaneously combust
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2. With regards to Vecuronium, complete the equation: Degree of Blockade =

  • Concentration of ACh x Concentration of Vecuronium
  • Concentration of Vecuronium x Concentration of ACh
  • Concentration of Vecuronium/Concentration of ACh
  • Concentration of ACh/Concentration of Vecuronium

3. What is the duration of action of Vecuronium?

  • 10-20mins
  • 20-30mins
  • 30-40mins
  • 5-10mins

4. How do organophosphates cause respiratory paralysis?

  • Causes the explosion of all NMJs in the lungs
  • Bind irreversibly to AChE, preventing breakdown of ACh at NMJ
  • Causes release of too much ACh at the NMJ
  • Prevents release of ACh vesicles from the pre-synaptic knob

5. What is the speed of onset of Vecuronium?

  • 2-4mins
  • 1-2mins
  • 4-10mins
  • 10-20mins


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