PH1 Physics (worded questions)

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1. What is the principle of moments

  • The head teacher of a specific moment in time
  • anticlockwise moments = anticlockwise moments meaning they're in equilibrium
  • anticlockwise moments = clockwise moments. So that there is no net movement/in equilibrium
  • Clockwise added to the anticlockwise moments. So there is no net movement ie in equilibrium
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2. State Newtons 2nd Law

  • Force = mass x acceleration
  • Force = mole x acceleration
  • Force = mass x accumulation
  • oh im gonna fail badly

3. What is the conservation of energy

  • When you sip your Redbull instead of gulping it
  • Energy is not gained but can be lost through heat
  • Energy is not lost or gained just transformed into another form
  • Energy is conserved.

4. State Ohm's law

  • The current through an ohmic device is inversely proportional to the pd provided the temperature is constant
  • The current is proportional to the voltage, as long as its kept low
  • The current through an ohmic device is directly proportional to the pd across it provided the temperature is constant
  • Ohm's law is like Murphy's law but different

5. What is a moment

  • A turning effect
  • A specific point in time
  • A tutoring effect
  • momentum of a turn


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