Persuasive techniques

Find the correct answer to the persuasive technique

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1. Prognostication is...

  • Explaining what you see happening in the future
  • Knowing something that will happen and not telling anyone
  • Describing something you want to happen
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2. Agitate and Solve is...

  • Empasising with the reader then offering a solution
  • Anoying the reader
  • Solving a problem

3. Emotive language is...

  • Language that helps the reader not know what is going to happen next
  • Language that helps make the reader feel sympathy
  • Language that makes the reader feel sad

4. Repetion is...

  • Repeting words
  • Repeting the same sentence
  • Repeting how you feel in different ways

5. Periodic development is...

  • Organising the text
  • A stratagy that puts the most important thing last
  • Organising thoughts


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