Persuading a Jury - Effect of Order, Pennington and Hastie

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To understand if story order is superior in gaining a conviction and the extent to which story order effects confidence in those decisions.
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130 American students, who were paid to participate.
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Story order was significantly more effective in influencing the verdict than witness order and more jurors expressed higher confidence levels in story order.
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Jurors listened to a tape recording of a trial which was based on a real case. They responded to written questions and had to reach a verdict. They also had to rate their confidence on their decision
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Information was either presented in story order, or witness order and they were separated by partitions and did not interact with each other. They were allocated to one of 4 conditions so that primacy and recency effects were controlled for.
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The order in which evidence is presented has an effect on juror’s decision making abilities and story order has more of a persuasive effect as it may make the evidence easier for the jurors to process.
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Story order
Evidence and witnesses are called in chronological order as the events unfold in the crime.
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Witness order
The best witness is presented first or last to take advantage of primacy/recency effects.
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Primacy and Recency Effect
States that what you hear or see first and last will be recalled more accurately than something heard/seen in between. This is because we experience a dip in concentration in the middle of an extended period of time.
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How can the Primacy and Recency effect apply to jurors?
This may apply to juror’s as they sit through days or weeks of testimony, and are faced with a lot of evidence which are disconnected.
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130 American students, who were paid to participate.

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