Personality Cults

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1. What were the main parts of Fraco's image?

  • reputation as a military man
  • Linked to Spanish cultural heritage (saints etc)
  • seen as a military hero able to bring peace and prosperity
  • All of the Above
  • He is seen as a medieval knight (like Hitler)
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2. Who was most likely to take to the cult? (Sarah Davies)

  • workers and peasants (tsar like figure)
  • Mothers
  • Soldiers
  • All of the above
  • People who had risen from humble beginnings
  • people who benefited from the regime

3. which historian thought of the Hitler Myth?

  • Vandana Joshi
  • Ian Kershaw
  • Robert Gellately
  • Roger Eatwell

4. What were the main parts of Stalin's public image?

  • humble beginnings emphasised
  • All of the above
  • Stalin as defender of the weak
  • seen as close to the people (images with citizens and children)
  • more public appearances
  • Doctoring people (Trotsky) out of images

5. what was Hitler criticised on during the 1930s elections?

  • for being undemocratic
  • for being single and extravagant
  • for being old
  • for being anti semitic


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