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2. who argues there are 4 aspects to Stalin Cult? (1. Closeness to Lenin, 2. personal role o soviet success, 3. closeness to the people, 4. celebrate his writings)

  • Graeme Gill
  • Emilio Gentile
  • Sarah Davies
  • Sheila Fitzpatrick

3. when did the Hitler Cult emerge?

  • in 1921
  • in 1925
  • in 1933
  • in 1929

4. Who was most likely to take to the cult? (Sarah Davies)

  • Soldiers
  • workers and peasants (tsar like figure)
  • people who benefited from the regime
  • All of the above
  • Mothers
  • People who had risen from humble beginnings

5. What were the features of Mussolini's cult?

  • all of the above
  • seen as an expert of Archaeology and architecture
  • He was seen to be into art as a protector of European values
  • His intellectualism was highlighted by quoting his writing in newspapers
  • technological progress
  • art on fascism and mussolini is more avant garde and futuristic


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