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1. what are the larynx

  • the respiratory structure responsible for speech.
  • the structure responsible for personality
  • the structure responsible for your breathing
  • the structure responsible for your movement
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2. where does the blood enter the heart from

  • from the right side
  • from the left and right side
  • from the left side
  • neither

3. what is the cardiovascular system made up of

  • the hydronochlia and mitrotondria situation
  • the pulmonary and systemic circulation
  • the pejhhory and wimpy and burby circulation
  • the flipping hell you are stupid circulation

4. Which muscular pump is located in the upper chest

  • Arm
  • Heart
  • Leg
  • Thigh

5. what do arteries do

  • all the one named
  • carry blood under high pressure, thicker walls, more elastic, smoothier muscle
  • thinner walls non-return values and is small tunnell for the blood to travel in
  • only the top 2


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