Personal Relationships

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Relationship formation (4)
What a person offers/ Proximity and exposure/ costs+rewards/ shared experience
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Selection process (5)
Attraction, costs and rewards, equity, reciprocity, commitment
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Breakdown (3)
Duck- pre-existing doom/ mechanical failure/ sudden death
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Baxter (6)
College students break ups- onset of problems/ unilateral vs bilateral/ initiation direct vs indirect/ rapid vs protracted/ attempts to repair/ final outcome
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Rollie and Duck (6)
Breakdown, intrapsychic, dyadic, social, grave-dressing, resurrection
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Theoretical perspectives of marriage
Protection and resources/ social caustaion
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Social impact of marriage
Share friends/ shift to kin/ couple network/ social support
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Transitions out of marriage
Lose friends/ social support/ marital resources/ physical health
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Increasingly lonely society
48% agree, subjective experience, elderly- 7% often and 31% sometimes, 2/5- tv is most company
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Health and social care service
Loneliness worse than cancer/ how do you identify it?
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Interventions (3)
one to one/ groups/ wider community
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Men over 60 doing activities together
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Cattan et al
Home based intervention generally ineffective/ group= more effective
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Digital communication
Quantity rather than quality/ comparing to others/ generation and maintenance of social capital
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Japan PARO
Hyper-ageing society/ theraputic robot
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Whitton et al
Committed relationships= less depressive symptoms in women/ less problematic alcohol use in both genders
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Selection process (5)


Attraction, costs and rewards, equity, reciprocity, commitment

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Breakdown (3)


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Baxter (6)


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Rollie and Duck (6)


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