Pericles in 'Peace'

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1. Why was this person and Pericles accused of Hybris (comparing oneself to the Gods)

  • He sacrificied an animal to themselves instead of a God
  • He sculpted some of the figures on her shield in the likeness of himself and Pericles
  • He carved his and Pericles names into statues
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2. Who did Pericles employ to sculpture it?

  • Eucrates
  • Phidias
  • Cleonymous
  • Cratinus

3. Why do some Historians believe this to be true and not just hyperbole?

  • Pericles was a very shrewd politician who was capable of such a trick.
  • Pericles said so in his will
  • Aristophanes was just a cool dude who didn't use Hyperbole at all

4. What was Pericles responsible for making?

  • Parthenon
  • Pnyx

5. What does Hermes imply Pericles wanted to do when the Megarian Decree was issued?

  • Distract any bad attention on himself by issuing it
  • Have an excuse to kill Spartans


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