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2. What type of process is involved with feature analysis?

  • bottom-up
  • top-down

3. Which three make up 'grouping principles'?

  • figure/ground distinction, closure, filling in the gaps
  • proximity, occlusion, closure
  • proximity, good continuation, closure
  • filling in the gaps, proximity, good continuation

4. What is perceptual adaptation and differentiation?

  • we adjust to things easily, experience defines perception
  • culture defines perception, we don't adjust well to different environments
  • all perceptual organisation is innate, we adjust to things easily

5. How can Gestalt principles be applied to problem solving?

  • with relationship problems where people need to change their mindset
  • with insight problems where a person must 'flip' to a different Gestalt
  • with mathematics problems where people need to think objectively


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