peace and justice

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what are christian attitudes to holy war?
sometimes necessary and right to use physical volience in order to defend a religion. not all denominations agree. most christian churches would not now support holy war
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examples of holy war?
joshua and the battle of jericho
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many christians are?
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definition of holy war?
war which is fought over religious issues by people that believe this is what God wants
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what are christian attitudes FOR the just war theory?
only a legitimate authority can start the war. the war must be fought with the right intention. there must be a reasonable chance of success. war must be a last resort.
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give two of the conditions for a 'just war'?
the war must be declared by a recognised authority. the war must have the aim to defeat evil and replace it with good
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christian attitudes to the just war theory?
only be fought against enemy soldiers, civilians must be protected. minimum force should be used. no revenge taken.
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christian attitudes towards violence and pacifism?
people should work towards a peaceful world and fighting is evil. to harm anyone harms god.
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some people might think?
war and fighting are wrong regardless of the purpose or outcome.
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what do christian pacifists believe about violence?
it is never acceptable. however some might feel they have to use violence.
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the new testament says?
the need for peace is important 'blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of god'
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what does pacifism mean?
belief that all fighting is wrong?
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christian teachings on justice?
is one of the four cardinal virtues. people should be punished fairly for their crimes, jesus' teachings mean all human life must be sacred, never take someones life as a punishment
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what do christians usually believe the aims of punishment are?
deterrence, protection, retribution, reformation
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christians believe about capital punishment?
is the only way to deal with the most serious crimes, other christians believe it is never right to take someones life as a punishment and all human life is sacred.
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deterrence means?
when a punishment is designed to persuade others not to do the same thing
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when a criminal is put in prison so others are kept safe
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punishment that will allow the criminal to become a better person
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when a criminal is punished to bring a sense of justice to an injured party
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examples of holy war?


joshua and the battle of jericho

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many christians are?


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definition of holy war?


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what are christian attitudes FOR the just war theory?


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