Peace and Conflict

Selfish desire to go to war
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Acting to prevent harm to yourself or others
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Deliberately harming someone as a response to them harming you
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Islamic view of peace
'Salam' meaning peace
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Islamic view of justice
'Just' is one of the 99 names
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Views on Forgiveness
Both Christians and Muslims believe that if God is forgiving us for our sins then we should also forgive people
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Someone that is against violence and war
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Just War
What makes war necessary - *good reason to go to war *all other options have been used to prevent war *the war must have a reasonable chance of succeeding * self-defence
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Holy War
This type of war has - 1) A religious aim or goal, 2)They are authorised by God or a religious leader, 3)They believe there will be a spiritual reward for taking part
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Lesser Jihad
Defending ones faith, war is allowed in the following circumstances
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Greater Jihad
Struggle of the faith seen as more important (personal struggle)
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Christian Quotes on War
- "do not kill" - "love thy neighbour" - "treat others as you want to be treated"
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Victims of War -Refugees
People who flee from their homes seeking safety elsewhere
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Victims of War -Maimed
When you are permanently injured in war but don't die
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Muslims Quotes on War
- "do not kill each other" - "do good as God loves those who do good" - 'Saalam Alaykom' (peace be upon you)
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Acting to prevent harm to yourself or others

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Islamic view of peace


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Islamic view of justice


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