PE cardiovascular system glossary

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Arteriole & Arteries
Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart and supply the body's tissues and organs with oxygenated blood
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Atrial diastole
Relaxation of the Atrium
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Atrial systole
Contraction of the Atrium
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Atrioventricular valves (Bicuspid & Tricuspid)
These are found in the heart, blood blood builds pressure in the Atrium and then ejaculates into the Ventrical
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AV Node
Pauses the the heart beat to allow the atrium to fill with blood
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Blood pressure
The pressure at which the blood is flowing depending on the amount of cholesterol in the veins and arteries.
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Blood Redistribution
Blood being redistributed to the muscles which need the oxygen in exercise due to the closing of Pre Capillary Sphincters
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Bundle of HIS
Causes electrical impulses to allow the Ventricles to contract
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Sites of internal respiration, also blood vessels which allow blood to flow around the body
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Capillary Bed
A bundle of Capillary's
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Cardiac Control Centre (CCC)
Located in the Medulla Oblongata, sends impulses to the heart to allow it to beat
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Cardiac Cycle
Everything that happens in one beat
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Cardiac Hypertrophy
Gain in heart size
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Cardiac Output
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Diastolic pressure
Pressure at atrial relaxation
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Heart Rate (HR)
Amount of beats per minute
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Muscle Pump
One of the venous return mechanisms, muscles push against the veins which increases the pressure and therefore pushes the blood along the veins
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The heart contracts on its own
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Pocket valves
Located in the veins, allows the blood to go through the valve but not go backwards
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Pre Capillary Sphincter
Located at the start of a capillary, closes up during blood redistribution if the muscle dosent need as much oxygen as others
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Purkinje Fibres
Transports the wave of depolarisation around the heart
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Pulmonary circulation
Circulation to the lungs and back to the heart
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Respiratory Pump
Chest cavity increases in size and increases the pressure causing the blood to move along the vein
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SA Node
Pacemaker of the heart
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Semi-Lunar valves
Atrial and Pulmonary valves which push blood out of the heart
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Stroke Volume
Amount of blood pumped per beat
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Systemic Circulation
Circulation to the rest of the body and back
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Systolic Pressure
Pressure of the Atrium when contracting
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Vascular Shunt
Distribution to the parts of the body that need blood
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The constriction of the veins
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The relaxation of the veins
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Venous return
Return of the blood to the heart
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Ventricular diastole
Relaxation of the ventricles
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Ventricular systole
Contraction of the ventricals
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Relaxation of the Atrium


Atrial diastole

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Contraction of the Atrium


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These are found in the heart, blood blood builds pressure in the Atrium and then ejaculates into the Ventrical


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Pauses the the heart beat to allow the atrium to fill with blood


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