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1. What is Extension?

  • Movement in a circular way, e.g. bowling in cricket
  • The angle of a joint increase, e,g. Straightening the leg.
  • Movement away from the body, e.g. kicking a ball
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2. What is a cartilage?

  • Tough tissue, Lubrication so that bones don't rub together.
  • Attaches bone to bone.
  • Connects muscle to bone.
  • A joint between limbs and muscle.

3. What is a Hinge joint?

  • Scapula
  • Pelvis
  • Elbow
  • Pivot

4. What is a tendon?

  • Connects bone to bone.
  • A shock absorber for the body.
  • Connects a muscle to the bone.
  • Acts as lubrication between bone.

5. What is Adduction?

  • Movement towards the body, e.g. legs coming together.
  • Movement away from the body, e.g. kicking a ball
  • Movement in a circular direction, e.g. bowling in cricket


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