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what are pathogens?
micro organisms which causes diseases e.g. bacteria, viruses and fungi
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how do pathogens make us ill?
by damaging our body cells and making toxins
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what are the properties of bacteria?
-no nucleus but genes in the cytoplasm -reproduce by dividing into 2 every 20 mins -cause diseases like food poisoning,tetanus -are killed by antibiotics
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what are the properties of virus?
-not true living things, the only life process carried out is reproduction -can only survive and reproduce inside living cells -are made of a protein coat surrounding a few genes -smaller than bacteria -causes disease like colds flue, HIV
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explain the virus reproduction?
1)the virus attaches itself to the surface of the host cell. 2)the virus injects it genetic material into the host cell. 3)the genetic material makes copies of itself 4)new viruses are made with chemicals from the host cell 5)the host cell splits
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how can germs get into out body?
-mouth -nose -cuts -eyes -ears -genitals
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how can germs spread?
they can spread through the air e.g. sneezes, coughs, through food and drinks and by contact e.g. breast feeding, sexual contact
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what are the 3 ways in which white blood cells destroy microbes?
1)change their shape to engulf microbes 2)some WBC make antibodies to destroy specific bacteria and viruses 3)some WBC make antitoxins to neutralise
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what are painkillers?
drugs which get rid of pain. do not cure diseases e.g. paracetamol, aspirin etc.
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what are antibiotics?
drugs that kills bacteria inside your cells without destroying cells e.g.penicillin. DO NOT KILL VIRUSES
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what are antivirals?
drugs which kill viruses, not man safe and effective antivirals have been produced. Its difficult to kill viruses without killing our cells
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who is Dr Semmelweiss?
was a doctor in the 1850's. he put forward the idea to wash your hands before examining each patient. death rates fell rapidly in wards where doctors washed their hand. people didnt know about micro-organism, so they didn't know what caused infection
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what are the causes of antibiotic resistance?
-overuse of antibiotics -not completing the course treatment -taking antibiotics prescribed for someone else
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what is bird flu pandemic?
caused by mutation of the virus leading to new forms of the disease. this can spread rapidly because no one is immune to it
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what is epidemic?
the spread of a disease in one country
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what is pandemic?
the spread of a disease world wide
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what type of pathogen is s.aureus and where on your body is it found?
bacteria and its found on your skin or in your nose
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when does s.aureus become serious?
once it become inside your body
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what can be done in hospitals to stop the spread of MRSA?
wash your hands after every patient
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how is MRSA transferred form person to person?
by touch
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why is MRSA described as a superbug?
its resistance to antibiotics
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how do vaccine work?
1)vaccines contain dead or weakened organisms 2)stimulates the WBC's to produce the right antibodies against the pathogens 3)in the future the WBC will make antibodies quicker 4)we stay immune to future infections
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what are some advantages of vaccines?
-you are immune -dangerous diseases wiped -stops the spread of infections
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what are some disadvantages of vaccine?
-can cause rashes, swelling, pain -can get a temperature
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what do you need or microbes to grow?
nutrients, warmth and oxygen
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what is the MMR vaccine?
protects against measles,mumps and rubella
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who is Dr wakefield?
he published that the MMR vaccine linked to the development of autism
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what was the effect of Dr wakefield's theory?
children died because they didn't have the vaccine
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what are 3 weaknesses in Dr wakefields research?
-he got paid £55000 by children's parents to prepare evidence against the vaccine -only 12 children tested on
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how do pathogens make us ill?


by damaging our body cells and making toxins

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what are the properties of bacteria?


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what are the properties of virus?


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