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1. what is exfoliation?

  • when sheets of rock split off due to differential expansion and contraction of minerals during diurnal heating and nocturnal cooling
  • CO2 gas in the atmosphere reacts with rainwater and pore water in the soil to form carbonic acid. The air soil pore spaces is rich in CO2 due to decomposing plant litter.this makes groundwater more acidic than rainwater.
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2. what is burrowing?

  • is the action of an animal when it digs a hole and brings to the surface rock and soil particles.this facilitates weathering at greater depth, by providing access for atmospheric gases and water.
  • what causes the mechanical and chemical of rocks by the wedging action of plant roots of penetrating into rocks.

3. what are the products of root action?

  • angular rocks
  • fragments of rocks

4. what are the products of frost shattering?

  • a residue of angular rock called scree
  • fragments of rocks

5. what are the products of exfoliation?

  • curved sheets of rocks
  • a residue of angular rock called scree


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