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1. what is burrowing?

  • is the action of an animal when it digs a hole and brings to the surface rock and soil particles.this facilitates weathering at greater depth, by providing access for atmospheric gases and water.
  • what causes the mechanical and chemical of rocks by the wedging action of plant roots of penetrating into rocks.
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2. what are the products of exfoliation?

  • curved sheets of rocks
  • a residue of angular rock called scree

3. what is frost shattering?

  • is caused by the expansion of freezing water in fractures which cause rocks to be split apart
  • e expansion and fracturing of rock due to the removal of overlying rocks

4. what are the products of root action?

  • angular rocks
  • fragments of rocks

5. what are the products of pressure release?

  • fragments of rocks
  • angular rocks


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